HiFiBerry, Runeaudio and a cheap 4.3" Display for a reversing camera

Hi together,

I want to present my HiFiBerry DAC+  project with runeaudio and a inexpensive 4.3" Display, wich is usually for a reversing camera.You can get this for approximately 15 €uro including postage. 

I had one of these here and i wanted to use it not at least, because it has a housing with a stand. An you can rebuild it to 5V like the Raspberry. So you need only one power supply. An Instruction for this you can find here in german  http://www.elektronx.de/tutorials/43-tft-monitor-am-raspberry-pi-nutzen-und-auf-usb-versorgung-umbauen/ 

My configuration.......

Raspberry Pi 3, DAC+ Standard, TaoTronic 4.3" display, Rune OS 0.3 beta, Rune Ui 1.3 beta. Cable from the Jack to cinch plugs.

You have to check necessarily the plug assignment. In my case i need to use the red plug instead of the yellow one. 

Now you have to adjust the config.txt a little and it may look like this.


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