RPi3 and DAC-Pro Linux not working. Working on a fix.

Hi Everyone,

As you no doubt are aware the Raspberry Pi Foundation released the Raspberry Pi 3 at the beginning of this week. Thrilled as we all are to get our hands on the new RPi3, for all our fun projects, it does mean there are some teething issues.

At present we have seen a number of kernel driver issues with the RPi3 and the DAC-Pro and Digi+ products. In short, the playback on the DAC-Pro and Digi+ is not working properly and I am currently working on the kernel to resolve each of these specific issues.

Once fixed we'll coordinate with the various Linux distributions and update our installer accordingly so that we are able to offer complete support for the new Raspberry Pi 3.

In the meantime thank you for your patience.

All the best,



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