Rpi 192/24 digi+ to preprocessor problem

Thanks in advance for any help, as I am new to all this. My setup is Volumio running on an Rpi2 with a Digi+ sending to a a cheap DAC via the optical output and to my Outlaw 975 processor via the coax. All files are stored on a USB drive. Everything works great except when I try 192/24 files. I have tried both the optical and coax connections into both the cheap DAC and the 975, and everything works great on the cheap DAC but I get nothing with the 975. 96/24 works great across the board. I am starting to suspect the 975 doesn't handle 192/24 on the digital audio inputs, even though they advertise 192/24 compatibility on all channels. Any advice on how to debug the issue or verify my fears? 


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