HifiBerry Amp+ - volume control not working PHP


I have the follwoing problem

HifiBerry Amp+ is up and running and I can control the volume by the following command shell script

laut.sh  -> sudo /user/bin/amixer set Master 5%+

I can invoke the script on the command line by ./laut.sh and the volume is changed.

Now I am using a php script it in the epiphany browser to call the laut.sh script from the php script - I use the following php command to call the laut.sh script

$xxx= shell_exec("/var/www/webradio/laut.sh");

the laut.sh script is definitly invoked (I put debug code in before and after the sudo /user/bin/amixer set Master 5%+ command)

In this case the volume is not changed. I didn't get any additional info about an error situation and the shell script itself is working from the command line, and the php program is invoking the shell script but here it is not working.

All the files have 777 as the permission setting

Any hint what can cause this problem?




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