MoOd Player - the best streaming software yet!

It may not have the best website, or give any hint as to how good it really is, but I'd just like to share just how amazing MoOd player really is.

I'd previously used Roon Player, which has a nice front end (but frustrating playlist requirement) - it wasn't bad, but the Android app is so unstable when you lose connection when your device goes to sleep and turns off wifi. i was sick of having to de-install and re-install every time. The browser version was little better. Maybe I'm expecting too much, but for me, stability is a pretty basic part of coding. I hate crashes. Ugh!

It seems none of the player distros have realised that the RaspBerry pi 3 is 64 bit yet - forcing us to use the vastly inferior 32-bit kernels - all still in beta. All that is except MoOd, which is built around the latest Linix 4.15.1 release 64-bit release.

If you have your doubts, just try it. But the icing on the cake has to be the built in up-scaling of digital files - up to 32-bit 384K. How cool is that?

MoOd seems to be a fork of the Roon Player and developed by Tim Curtis. OK, like all of the music players, it has some annoying traits. But overall i sounds amazing and pulls every detail from my pi 3 / Digi+ connecting to my AudioLab M-Dac.

Thanks for everyone's help in introducing me to Raspberry Pi and HifiBerry's amazing products. Enjoy the music! 


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