amp+ standby noise


In my livingroom I have at the moment a RB pi 2 with an external class D amplifier.
Real shortcommings are noise when no sounds plays and setting the amplifier to a certain max volume by hand. With the Logitech Media Server I can play with the sound output, but if I wanna play a certain song really loud I have to go to the amplifier and turn the knob..

My question is the following:

I want to buy a 2nd RB pi 2 including the hifiberry amp+. Can somebody give his/her experience with this combination regarding noise when no sound is played? I totally do not wanna hear any noise when no sound is played.

Since I am gonna build a multi room setup, also my door bell will go thru the same sound system. Herefore, the system will always stay in standby. Or is there any workaround for this function? like only putting the amp+ off en quickly turn on by command?

So, what I want is a non-noisy system on standby (amp+ on/off needed?) and only 1 volume setting (software). Is the combination RB pi 2 + amp+ the right combination for me?

I will use the Logitech Media Server, since I use the system now almost 1 year, and it is real stable.


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