Digi+ SPDIF Timings

Hi Daniel,

The last 2 weeks I tested a lot with my new DAC (DAC8).

Ich habe die letzten 2 Wochen viel mit meinem neuen DAC getestet (DAC8). This DAC has a 2 Level Signal Lock.

Level 1 is PLL based and the DAC can lock to the signal with a higher tolerance.

Level 2 is utilizing an internal Master Clock were the input signal is linked to.

My Observations are now that all Frequencies which are related to 44.1khz (44.1;88.2;176.4) can be locked by level 2 with the internal Master Clock. Which indirectly means the input signal should be quiet excellent.

But for all Frequencies which are based on 48khz (48,96,192khz). The DAC can only lock to via the PLL in level 1.

I also testet with other external sources on 48thz ... and there the DAC can also locl to the Level 2.

Here my question: Since the Digi+ is only having a single Clock source is the Clock better matching the 44.1k than the 48k (and multiple) Frequencies? I guess the WM8804 has software controlled dividers which are controlled by the driver. But from a single clock source you never can hip perfectly both Frequencies.  Did you measure as you developed the Digi+ the real output frequencies and maybe made some observations? This effect I ovserve on both outputs (optical and coax). 

I also will investigate into the DAC direction if there could be the reason.

Please dont get me wrong the Digi Works very well the DAC can sync and has good audio quality but I try to understand this effect to get the best quality out.

kind regards,





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