HiFiBerry DAC + Pro stops RPI3 onboard WiFi working properly

RPI3 + HiFiBerry Dac + Pro + OSMC in HiFiBerry plastic case (or bare)

Hiya, I can't log in to my WiFi network when I plug my HiFiBerry D+P card into my RPI3.

Without the card, OSMC boots swiftly without any messages and I can log onto my WiFi network without any issues.

With the card, I get a series of two repeating (CLI-type) messages over the top of the initial blue OSMC splash screen:

"(1 of 2) a start job is running for wait for network to be configured (XXs for no limit)"


"(2 of 2) a start job is running for wait for Set Time using HTTP query (XXs for no limit)"

where "XX" is a sequentially higher number (presumably seconds). After a minute of these, OSMC starts after a quick slew of more CLI-type announcements. At this point if I try to log onto my WiFi network (which is showing good reception strength), it requests my password, and after a few moments I get a dialog box saying


Connection to [My Network Name] failed"

I have Wired and Bluetooth disabled.

It seems to me this is clearly a clash between the RPI3's WiFi adapter and the DAC, either at the hardware or driver level.

I'm new to RPI so please make your suggestions noob-y :-)



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