Internet radio in 1941 vintage Philco 'Little Bullet' case



This is the second internet radio I've constructed, and has some more advanced functions than the one I'd previously built in a 1940 RCA 45x17 case. While the internals were rough, this Philco 41-231T 'Little Bullet' was too pretty to pass up when I found it at the Portland antique auto swap meet a couple of months back.

Here's a video of it in action:


No working radios were harmed in the construction of this project. Video shows the following functions:

Radio (Kodi deRadio streaming radio addon)

Pandora (no ads or pauses!)

Podcasts (iTunes podcast app, no iTunes account necessary)

Library (Samba share of 1TB media collection on file server)

Police & Fire (worldwide emergency broadcasts)

Custom skin and graphics on Kodi, running on a Raspberry Pi Model 2 with a HiFiBerry Amp+ through a Retrosound 5.25" dual voice coil speaker. Controlled via the original bakelite knobs through rotary encoders, all functions also available through the Kodi phone app.





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