Digi+ with AES-EBU, I2S, SPDIF-Optical, SPDIF-Coaxial, SPDIF-BNC: allowing the Pi-Digi+ to connect with any external DAC

This will allow us to retain and/or update our existing audio equipment and future-proof the Pi-Digi+ output device.

I see the I2S creeping into DAC. But my major issue is to provide more flexibility to the excellent Digi+. This addition (even if I2S is not offered as an output), will allow the Digi+ to be connected to professional gear. Yes, this is a little selfish as all my equipment is pro-audio.

Not being an electrical engineer, but it would seem (to my uneducated mind) that the existing Digi+ board could easily be re-designed to make this possible.

Please any input especially technical (but make it easy for me and others to understand)..



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