Share DIGI+ between OSMC and other programs

Hello everybody,

I have a DIGI+ on a RPi3, running the latest version of OSMC. Because I'm a Spotify user as well, I installed the fornoth spotify-connect-web server on the RPi as well. I didn't use a DIGI+ back then. Everything worked perfectly.

I decided I wanted a DIGI+ and installed it. For OSMC everything worked perfectly, but the potify-connect-web server says "device or resource busy". 

It seems OSMC blocks the sound card, even when not using it. If I disable the DIGI+, everything works perfect again (through HDMI though).

I posted this problem at the OSMC forums as well, but still no solution:


Maybe there are some people here who know of a solution?


Information on the installation of the spotify server see:




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