Unsolder the jack connector : what cable should I use?


I just bought the HiFiBerry DAC+ standard (Phone jack version), and sound is really much better, so thanks!

Now I have a question: what kind of cable should I use to move the jack connector from the Hifiberry board? To explain myself more in details:

- the case I use for my Raspberry Pi prevents me from plugging a jack cable into the Hifiberry jack connector (lack of space, I miss very little)

- I'd like to unsolder the jack connector from the Hifiberry board and to attach it in front of a hole already made in the casing for audio usage

- To do so I need a cable between the board and the jack connector (obviously ^^). Should it be shielded(I have a HDD in the same casing)? Should it be a 5 wires cable since there are 5 pins on the jack connector?


Thanks by advance for any answer :)




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