Amp+ Power Supply

Got my new AMP+ today in the mail.  Bought a 120v to 15v linear power supply and temporarily wired it up and booted.  Works great.  Sounds pretty great.  I'm cranking it with 11 ohm speakers (which I know is outside recommendations) however that's just another temporary thing. 


I'll take what I learned from my LCD project and then I need to find some kind of enclosure to put it all together in.   Running LogitechMediaServer with Spotify Pandora and TuneIn Radio.  I can probably slap a 1TB drive on here as well however if I do that I'll probably move to a Pi B+ or Pi 2.  Might do that anyway. 


Enclosure is either going to be antique radio or brand new shiny stereo modern enclosure.  Whatever catches my imagination and eyes I guess. 

Anyway, proof of concept is over.  It works and is going to be perfect for what I have planned for it.  Is this overkill?  Yes.  Do I care?  No.



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