DAC+ Pro noob question

Hi all

I got my DAC+ Pro / RP2 working with CorePlayer. Now I tried to install volumio 1.55, but I am only finding the ALSA audio output in the web interface.

I have found several posts in the hifiberry and volumio forums describing how to upgrade kernels and applications to get the drivers for the new DAC+ Pro dual clocks. Being a linux noob, this is beyond me.

Can someone please enlighten me, as to which software works with the DAC+ Pro and correctly uses the dual clocks (CorePlayer, volumio) and whether I need to do anything special during installation / configuration.

Thanks a million.



I found out that using Ralphy's latest CorePlayer 2.04, linux kernel 4.1.20 is installed which is supposed to include the latest Hifiberry drivers for the DAC+ Pro.

Next I tried Volumio 2 RC1 and lo and behold the Digi+ Pro appeared as an audio device in the list.

So far so good.



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