HifiBerry DAC and Kali Linux on PI3

Hi there,

first of all must say i am a complete beginner in Linux and the PI 3 as well, my first tests with all this suff but i am impressed how good all works.

I took a challenge today and tried Kali Linux on my PI 3 which is quiet a beast i think. But also a very nice OS i think with all its features.

But however its not so easy for a beginner. But this forum of course is about HifiBerry DAC.

Just wanted to share how i got the DAC+ Pro running in Kali. Googled around a bit and found these two key things that made it running then :

first i have done this : http://hackerzelite.blogspot.de/2014/03/fix-sound-driver-on-kali-linux.html   

It seems to be a main problem in Kali Linux.

And then done this : http://rageweb.info/2013/11/07/bootconfig-txt-in-kali/ 

to add


into the boot config. So it is all a bit different.

But finally i got it working half only (MPlayer does fine) It shows up and works but not for all codecs i think yet. I guess its the same kernel thing as it was for others. I tried already disable Bluetooth same as in the HifiBerry Team suggestion post a few days ago.

But anyway i just wanted to share this for others who might like to try kali out. I guess this would never be fully supported with the DACs but who knows :)



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