Peppy player


Almost one year ago I posted information about my audio player:
Since that time I redesigned hardware and software components. Now it's based
on Raspberry Pi 2 and Amp+. The software part was changed completely. And now
the project has its name - 'Peppy Player'.

All the details about this project can be found here:

And here is the summary:

This is DIY project which includes three components: hardware, software
and woodware. All three components were created for this project from scratch.

Here are the key features of the hardware component:
* It is based on the popular single-board computer Raspberry Pi 2.
* High quality audio achieved by using integrated Amplifier module HiFiBerry Amp+ and Sony speakers.
* The Hardware has six "senses" to control its functionality:
  - Mouse
  - Keyboard
  - Touchscreen
  - Infrared Remote Control
  - Rotary Encoders
  - Any computer in a local network or mobile device with Web Browser

Here are the key features of the Software component:
* This is application written in Python.
* Peppy provides Graphical User Interface for audio players running in a headless mode. Currently Peppy supports 'Mpd' audio player.
* Embedded Web Server allows to control audio playback from any Web Browser.
* The default touchscreen resolution is 480*320. This is the resolution of the TFT used for this project. Though UI is dynamic and can scale to any screen resolution.
* Currently Peppy has only Internet Radio functionality. In the future releases support for playing audio files and streams will be implemented as well.
* By default Peppy has playlists containing free radio stations for English, French, German and Russian languages. Users can add their own stations to the playlists.

The key features of the Woodware component include:
* Original custom design.
* Made of solid wood (Cherry and Walnut).
* Natural finish - the variation of French polish.

I hope that the information about this project will be useful for all
DIY developers as it brings together many different aspects of developing
hardware, software and woodware fro Raspberry Pi platform.



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