Raspberry 2 and hi-fiberry plus: can't achive Stereo sound

Hi to all,

this isi my first post on hi-fi barry plus forum!

I have a setup with raspberry plus and hi-fiberry dac plus until six month.The dac is connected to my hi-fi (Pioneer Sa 8500 with two indiana lines )

I love this kind of setup but i'm encountering from the beggining a big problem. Flac files that have mastered on stereo format, can't listen well. If i switch my hi.fi to stereo mode the left speaker is ok, but right listen very very few!! So i can't have stereo sound! 

I've tried to change os (volumio, rune audio, moode, open elec) but  i hve the same problem. Is not a speakers problem (i also use my deck, a rega p3), and is not a problem of my hi-fi, i tried directly my external cd player and my ipod touch.

Actually i'm unning runeaudio, how can i resolve this problem???


Thanks very much



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