problems installing software for Pi b+ with Digi+


i have a Raspi B+ and mounted a Hifiberry Digi+ on it. Then i tried to follow instructions here:


Before i have updated Raspbian to version 4.1.19+

But it did not work. When i remove


in /etc/modules, the task bar is flickering and has no content anymore. with

aplay -l

i do not see hifiberry as sound card, the answer is "no soundcards found". It is rasbian wheezy, i need this because i need it for hardware connected to the Raspi. There i am using SPI bus and some PIOs, but no ports used from hifiberry and no IIC bus. But i have tested it with a second Raspi B+ without any additional hardware and without starting my own software and i have the same problems.

What can i do? Please no complete new installations, then i have to install all other things like wheezy again that took al long time. And after that i am sure that there will be new problems... So i need a instruction like in the link abouve, but working ;-)


best regards


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