DAC+ Light and Pianobar/Pandora?

Would a DAC+ Light be a good option for background music streaming from Pandora? I will be using Pianobar (Console-based pandora player) which is controlled remotely using an Android app. Volume is controlled from Pianobar so does that mean I don't need support for ALSA mixer controls?

I've been running Piano bar on RPi B+ with a USB sound card (ICUSBAUDIO7) successfully for almost two years. The RPi is in my server rack in the basement and outputs to an old receiver and then to the my in-wall speakers. It is used to provide background music and is not intended as an audiophile setup. The only reason I used the USB sound card is because the audio on the RPi was awful...but that might have been due to the power supply I was using. I have not gone back and attempted the RPI output. The reason why I'm considering to change is mainly because I want to get rid of that dongle sticking out from the RPi. I plan on building a special rack case for my 5 RPis and various other mini systems (Pine64, CHIP, etc) and the dongle needs to go.

Would there be any advantage for my described setup to use a RPi 2B instead of the B+? i prefer to use the B+ since other uses would take advantage of more processor power and more RAM.

Would I need a certain spec of USB power supply or any other power considerations?


Thank you!


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