Switching between HDMI output and 7" Raspberry touchscreen

My configuration of the Raspberry PI with the Amp+ and the 18V power supply in combination with the 7" Raspberry touchscreen (with it's own 5V powersuppply) works fine with Openelec. I'v also  a HDMI monitor connected which has of course no function because the touchscreen is in the lead and you can't use both.

I've a strange issue when I want to use the HDMI output and were I have switched the touchscreen off. Everything works fine. But after a restart, now with the touchscreen and HDMI both connected, the touchscreen is not coming alive anymore. Disconnecting all the power and restart, has no result. The HDMI output stay's in the lead

Only disconnecting the Amp+ physically from the Raspberry Pi and put it back, gives a clean status and the touchscreen is again in the lead.

My question: Is it possible that the Amp+ 'feeds' a kind of Eprom memory bit inside the Raspberry Pi, telling it to feed only HDMI? 



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