Amp+ PWM Use

I have an Amp+, and I'm trying to use one of the hardware PWM channels to adjust the backlight of an LCD screen. The GPIO usage documentation for the Amp+ states:


GPIO2-3 (pins 3 and 5) are used by our products for configuration. If you are experienced with I2C, you might add other slave devices. If you a a novice, we don’t recommend this at all.
GPIOs 18-21 (pins 12, 35, 38 and 40) are used for the sound interface. You can’t use them for any other purpose.


Is the Amp+ using both hardware PWM channels? I've read that PWM1 is often used for audio, and the Amp+ is using GPIO pins that could be used for both of the PWM channels. It's using those pins, but what is it actually doing with them? Can I use either PWM0 or PWM1 for myself?




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