2 HDMI outputs on RPi?

I've been looking for possible solutions to my video playback issue that i'd like to solve. The HiFiberry looks to be the closest option available, but i dont know much about the limitations of the digital audio interfaces that are on the digi+.

My issue - Currently i've got an HDMI splitter in place from my RPi to send Video to my TV and Audio to my receiver. The problem with this seems to be that the splitter seems to only deliver 3/2 (and no subwoofer channel) to the AVR regardless of the audio format - DTS, Dolby etc. If i plug the HDMI directly into the AVR the format is delivered to as it is intended etc etc.... but not with the splitter.

If i got the Digi+ HAT for my RPi, would it deliver the audio format to the AVR without limiting the channels, and send it along side the video through the HDMI to the TV?

Alternatively would there be a solution to have the splitting happen on the RPi itself?

Audio noob here so please excuse any knowledge gaps with regards to the way audio works, Thanks for your help.

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