Digi+ w/Transformer signal Quality

Dear Hifiberry Team,

here my feedback to the newer version of the Digi+ Board with Transformer. This new version is having now the Transformer Shielding connected to the Ground of the Connected device.

My DAC is an T+A DAC8 which is fully Grounded by the power socket. The DAC8 can immediatly signalize signal failures and also has 2 modes for signal locking (via internal masterclock or PLL).

In my testing even with the new version I have short signal errors if I turn on the light in the Room or any other significant Power is switched.

The only way to avoid it is to use the small jumper next to the transformer which actually connects the ground of the DAC with the ground of the Digi+/RPI2. THis fixes the effects but I am also loosing the safety of a galvanic separation.

I guess these interferring Impulses get inducted somewere on the Digi+ Board and find its way into the Transformer were they get Transmitted also to teh output side.

Lets say its a quiet small flaw but maybe the layout or schematic can be optimized to avoid these signal glitches as good as possible.

Maybe the upcomming Metal case if grounded properly with the client device ground can help as well.

with kind regards,



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