Some questions about dac + pro and other..

Hi all, above all i'm sorry for my bad english..

Before i listened liquid music from my old laptop with lubuntu and a v-dac II by usb interconnect but i was quite disappointed!(my cdp was way better...) I'm now going to made a music stramer/player using rasp 2b and a hifiberry dac + pro, i searched a lot in forums ultimately and i found that hifiberry dac gives me more guarantees and found that the site is well made and that the hifiberry team is professional and that give good support. Nice job!

Now the questions that i have:

- How much the sound quality is improved with the pro version of the dac vs the standard one? (my modest hifi equipment is: nad c355 + old sony cdp + rbh sound speaker mc-6ct)

- if i plug the rasp + dac pro + dongle wifi + external usb hdd (for example like samsung m3 1tb usb ) all this runs ok with the power suplly that you sell?

-i would have a better sound quality with a better power supply, maybe a linear one? someone have advice about some cheap models?

thanks a lot



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