Duelling Pies...

We are now officially a 2-Pie household, and I hope I can start doing some serious listening this weekend.

My goal for the Pi 2b and DAC+ is to connect a couple of my venerable  analog audio amplifiers to a home WiFi network.  Essentially a headless player controlled from a Web UI (like Volumio) or an android app (like Kore/Kodi).  I am trying out RuneAudio right now.

The Pi with the Digi+ board may eventually be used as a Kodi media center, since that is one place where I have gear with plenty of digital inputs to choose from. Alternatively, it may find a home in my office.

As of today everything is working fine, but testing still has ways to go.  My next step is to compare the audio output from the DAC+ to the Digi+ using a standalone DAC / headphone amp with multiple inputs.  The standalone DAC is one I really like, especially for both its pre-out and class-A headphone stage.  NuForce Icon HDP, originally about $450 list price (bought used on ebay). 

At the moment I can't tell any difference between the DAC+ and the Icon HDP when both are playing the same source file.  Something may emerge eventually, but the DAC+ is holding its own which is pretty awesome.



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