piCorePlayer with Hifiberry DAC+ RPiB

First - much thanks for your work. Aside from wifi issues (here in Wisconsin USA there is not a single merchant in Madison who sells a compatible USB wifi product -- not one -- all have Netgear, Linksys, or DLink but none of the supported modles) all installation, configuration, etc. went smoothly. piCorePlayer is fully functional and is currently plugged into my bedside radio. Everything except the wifi was purchased from Hifiberry in one package (wifi from Adafruit).

But ...

There is noise/static. It exists with *both* 1/8" audio and Hifiberry DAC+ RCA output. I hear it mostly if I use a controller (web, etc.) to advance tracks, yet there is random static that "just happens." Also, if I reduce output volume (say with LMS web UI) to zero I can clearly hear noise from speakers. I'm thinking this shouldn't be happening, right? Using ethernet versus wifi makes no difference.

There is only one way to mount the Hifiberry DAC+ with the spacers installed. There are no hardware settings I can manipulate that I can see so I can't see what I could modify with the RPi/DAC+ hardware.

Is there anything else I can do?



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