RPi 2B, HiFiBerry DAC+, RuneAudio 0.3

Last night I noticed that in RuneAudio 0.3, hardware volume control does not work.  The reason looks the same as in Volumio.

The patch to make hw volume control work in this specific case is in the RuneAudio Forum, in a post by mezcal, here:


After logging into RuneAudio using ssh, these are the two commands that worked for me:

redis-cli hset acards_details snd_rpi_hifiberry_dacplus "{\"sysname\":\"snd_rpi_hifiberry_dacplus\",\"extlabel\":\"HiFiBerry DAC+ (I²S)\",\"mixer_numid\":\"1\",\"mixer_control\":\"PCM\",\"hwplatformid\":\"01\",\"type\":\"i2s\"}"



What is missing from that thread is directions on how to find which mixer control name to use.  Besides PCM, possibilities include "Digital", and "Playback Digital". 

I can see 'PCM' on the first line of the output from the amixer command, but I am not sure that is the whole story.  In another part of the thread it is suggested that something changed between the Pi B and the Pi 2B, or software revisions.

Getting the DAC+ to work with RuneAudio can be fairly involved at the moment.

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