Amp+ Not detected, possible power supply issue?

My project has low volume needs and I want to keep the budget low for repeat-ability.  I purchased a new Pi2 B, and an Amp+ from Amazon, I received the 1.0 version of Amp+.  I chose a 12V/5A power supply (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00VA27NRK) since I wanted to minimize heat and only supply just the power needed for low use.

I cloned my Pi1 B card with billw2/rpi-clone, and aplay -l does not show the device, nor are there any LEDs lit on the board.  Instead of mucking around with the software, I immediately flashed the test image from the hifiberry website, again with no LEDs lit (are there any on the 1.0?) and no test tone.  I could not SSH to it, it didn't seem to run DHCP (I don't have a display readily handy so I'm not sure what boots with the test image).

I tested the power supply and found consistent 12.29v to 12.3v without load.

What should my next plan off attack be?


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