Project Idea - will this work?

Hello. I recently bought an amp from a charity shop, and as well as having loads of spare room in the case, it also has a fairly hefty thermostatically controlled cooling fan (for the surround sound circuit, I think).

I've long been after a way of playing flac files directly from my external HDD, as well as a few other requirements (below) and it occurs to me that fitting a Pi into the amp case would probably do all this:

  • play music and/or video from a HDD connected via USB
  • allow that HDD to stream music/video to other devices

I think I'd also like to have VNC running on it too so I can remote control it if someone else is using the TV, but I presume there is a music player for the Pi that I can control via an Android tablet (or my Linux laptop) also? VNC would be for fiddling about with settings (or using get-iplayer to record episodes of things when I am away)

For this I think I will need:

  • Raspberry Pi
  • DAC+ (or any HiFi Berry DAC)
  • USB Wi-Fi
  • Any old HDD in a USB enclosure (which I might put in the amp too if there is room)

I will probably fit a separate power supply inside the amp too. I plan to have the USB ports on the back of the amp and wire up the phono sockets directly to the amp inputs internally.

I'm new to this so if there are any obvious things I've missed I'd appreciate some advice :)

The other thing I'd like to be able to do is connect up my devices with TOSLINK outputs (mainly my old Arcam CD player) to the DAC - would this be possible? I'm not too concerned about video sound for this as I have a Yamaha sound bar with TOSLINK which does a decent enough job with DVD sound.


Thanks all.




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