Presenting the HifiBerry Mini








I'm proud to present the first (?) HifiBerry Mini.

Inside my HifiBerry jukebox  is:

Raspberry Model2, HifiBerry DAC+, 1Gb Harddisk, Samsung USB CD/DVD optical drive, PiHub and external 5V 10A power supply (the original PiHub 5V 3A was to low). It's also easy to change a SD card and switch the Raspberry off after a normal shutdown (by the HDMI Kodi interface). I also use the Kodi app to control the jukebox with my iPhone.

The HifiBerry DAC+ and the Raspberry are now together powered on the 5V port of the HifiBerry itself. First, I've tested  the USB mini power connector outside the mini, like you see on the inside photo's. I know the risk to power it directly but I don't like an outside extra power cable.

It sounds superb! With Kodi it's also easy to rip my whole CD collection onto the internal hard disk.

My next project will be building a HiFiBerry DAC+ Mini and keeping the original back intact of my second Mac Mini. I also want to use the original power off switch with a Mausberry power down option. Or are there better idea's to switch it off with a normal shutdown script with Openelec?





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