Powering hifiberry amp+, PI2 and official 7" DSI display

I would like to power my pi 2, my official raspberry dsi display and my hifiberry amp with only one single power supply. At the moment I have the DSI display connected to the GPIO Pins of the PI (5V & GND). I actually mean the GPIO pins of the hifiberry amp which extend the GPIO pins of the Pi in some kind of way.  

At the beginning everything seemed to work fine. The display was detected and the amp+ was also doing a great job. Some problems came up when I wanted to switch on/off the backlight of the display. Then the PI was crashing and rebooting sometimes when I tried to turn off the backlight. I realized that it is a power issue.

When switching on/off the display it comes to a loss of voltage or whatever. It seems that the display or the amp+ are not sufficiently powered although I have a 12V power supply with 6A. I tried different sorts of power supplies but it didn´t help. The amp seems to cut off the supply and seems to limit it to a certain level.

I don´t have any problems when I connect a second power supply to the micro usb input of the display. Switching on/off the display is working fine then.

Now I am wondering if there is any chance to power all my devices with on power supply.

Does anybody know how I could draw so much power (5V) from the hifiberry amp that the display is going to run stable?



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