maximum current on AMP+ 5V

I just bought an AMP+ and the recommended 18V/60W Meanwell power supply.

I plan to use the AMP+ on a Pi 2 (already works) together with the official 7" touchscreen (will arrive in the next days). RaspiTV measured the display at 2.25W (450mA).

-- Is it save to run the display from the AMP+ 5V power rail?

-- Is it wise to do so? (i.e. I'd call it unwise to do so if the AMP+ uses a linear regulator ... in that case I'd hook a step down converter directly to 18V)

I don't want to risk the AMP+ (I love the sound of it ... it's awesome and exactly what I needed ... thanks).

If I get the ok I will try it out and report back ;)




I already posted this question as reply in ... however: that seems to give it a poor rating.

Amp+: How much power is provided to the Pi?

In 5V power rail 

you state that the AMPs power supply can provide 700-1000mA ... this is slightly to vague for me.




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