Amp+ Renderer Volume Settings

Ok so there is no best setting on max vol on the amp+ renderer as you said it depends upon the input signal.  Or in other words you can have the input signal amplified more to lower distortion with a weaker input signal.  As the input signal increases (louder music in song) the amp+ will distort more and the renderer volume setting must be lowered until the distortion stops.


The question is what setting should the amp+ renderer be set at when not in use?  I do not shutdown the rpi2 and keep it running all the time.  I just disconnect the Airplay or DLNA client when I do not wish to hear sound from the renderer and leave the renderer vol control alone at say 88%.


Does this hurt the amp+ or speakers attached to it?  Are there small outputs on the amp+ speaker terminals with the amp+ at 88% but with no I Input signal?


Can a rpi2+amp+Volumio renderer stay at X%>0 Volume for infinite amount of time or must one lower the volume to zero, or mute the amp+ in the Volumio web app or shutdown the rpi??




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