HiFiBerry DAC+ with LCD and LogitechMediaServer information

I just slapped together a Raspberry Pi A+ with DAC+ and added an HD44780 LCD 16x2.

It's eventually going in a proper enclosure so rather than install header pins I just soldered it into the DAC.  Headers and pins don't play nice for long term installations.

Only other thing I'll do is add a front 1/8" jack on the enclosure and wire it to the DAC.  Maybe an LED.

Lcdproc which drives the LCD uses a GPIO on default that the HiFiBerry uses so I had to move one pin in the code to another unused GPIO.  I intend to make a nice step by step tutorial on my website in the next day or so simplifying the wiring and explaining the installation of Lcdproc and the lcd_lms script. 

I wanted to do this for years but was "scared".  I hope my web page will encourage others to give it a shot.  


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