Amp Hardware Volume Control?

I haven't dabbled in a while.  Have a couple of DAC + and a Digi+ and just sprung for an Amp+

Ideally I'd like to take a Pi A+ with Amp+ and mount in an antique radio console.  I'd like to be able to manually control volume.  Is that going to be possible on the Pi A+? Or am I going to need a B or better?

Also considering hooking up an SDR dongle to get FM via GQRX.  That I'd happy leave as a software control as a functioning Pi with FM with manual controls is too much for what I want to do here. 

Somewhere in the archives here I took an A+ and DAC+ and mounted inside a tube headphone amplifier.  I still use that system religiously and still think it was a cool implementation.

I'm looking for a conversation piece. Old wooden console streaming music through 2 speakers but I would like that hardware volume control.  What do I need to do.  I've seen some brief explanations but all lack hard details. 


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