DAC, Pi, 7in display, CODI audio drop out and sync in video

I have built a nice wireless boombox using the Pi 2 model B, your DAC+ with RCA out to small amp, the 7" Raspberry touch display, and kodi Isangard-OpenELEC 6.0. The sound is really good and everything looks to be working fine with all music playback, it is just the audio portion to any video playing either off the internet or from local drives. The audio lags behind the video and I get 1-2 second audio drop-outs every 10-15 seconds. This happens with all video, youtube, videos from thumb drive, any video i choose in Kodi. I have tried every audio and playback setting based on what I am finding on the internet. Do I have an issue with the RPi 7" display since it uses the DSI port and not the HDMI out of the Pi?


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