Amp + no-go

Another inquirery in a long list of nooobies. I'm involved in RC boats and are using the Ras Pi to run different nautical sounds in them. The language is Python based with the Raspbian Wheezy Linux operating system. The driver is the Advanced Linux Architecture (ASLA). We are using sound files in the Ogg Vorbas format.

The Ras Pi + worked but the volume and quality was not what we wanted no matter how much it was amplified. Then I saw a blert about the HiFi Berry+ audio that changed the audio to analog with a built in amp. I contacted Detroit Electronics and they said it would be the answer to the problems. I purchased one and installed it. The LEDs on the amp and Ras Pi light, but there is no audio at all. Do you think there is a program issue or a bad Audio + board??

If and when this problem gets resolved. could the output from the board be further amplified if needed, using the speaker outputs into my aux amp?

This is the link for RC Groups about programing the Ras PI for RC audio use.



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