PiMusicBox 6 / RPI2b with Dac+ distortion

Hi All, 

Got PiMusicBox running on Pi2b. Bought a HiFiBerry Dac+ to get some quality sound via a Demon amp to some Wharfedale speakers. Been trawling round the forums trying to work out why the sound is distorted and terrible unless PiMusicBox volume turned right down - but then the DAC sound doesn't clip but am less than impressed with the sound. 

I guess I've not got this set up right. I've followed the guides, installed stuff, edited etc/modules, blacklists and settings ini but can't work out what's up. Alsamixer doesn't seem to work so

amixer sset 'PCM'

returns an error.

settings.ini is currently has

output = hifiberry_dacplus

mixer_volume = 50

mixer = software

card = 0
control = DSP Program

enabled = true

Any help would be much appreciated.


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