stereo to 5.1

I am using Raspberry PI2, osmc and hifiberry digi+.

I am able to play mp4 files. The amp is a 5.1 surround system. The stereo audio in the mp4 does not sound so good when played.

Is there anything that you would suggest to get a better sound here.

One solution I am thinking of is that I will convert the mp4 files to use 5.1 channel audio using some software. Then use audio passthrough in osmc to pass the 5.1 channel audio to the amplifier.

1. Do you think this will work?

2. Is there any particular software you would recommend to do this conversion from stereo to 5.1 in mp4 video files?

3. Does anyone using digi+ and osmc and playing 5.1 sound? Did you have to do any more setup change other than audio passthrough?

Thanks in advance.


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