Shipping to France - My Bad Experience

I bought bundle from Hifiberry (87.6 euros)

1/ Shipping cost + tracking to France was 15 euros. (Total = 102,60 euros).

2/ From my bank account, it was removed 105,78 euros without explanation (=> about +3 euros)

3/ When I received my bundle, Taxes from french customs was 29.5 euros (VAT + custom benefit.) The french custom site is absolutely unclear. There are very visible links where you should pay nothing (http://www.douane.gouv.fr/articles/a10798-calcul-des-droits-et-taxes-sur-les-achats-a-l-etranger), and nearly invisible links where they warn you about taxes ONLY in case of goods send by the post office (http://www.douane.gouv.fr/articles/a10753-achats-a-distance-et-envois-entre-particuliers). And NO taxes in other case for low value goods.

Conclusion 1 : For a 87.6 bundle, I paid additionnal 38 euros in shipping + french custom. (43%)

Conclusion 2 : if you want to buy and shipp to France, buy it from european union reseller

Conclusion 3 : I think it could be indicate better in Hifiberry site. For shipping a bundle to France : additionnal 29.5 euros at french custom.


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