Noise when using new power supply

Hi guys,

I've been enjoying a couple of DAC+'s (standard RCA version) for about a year now.
We're using it for our multi-room audio system in our house.

To clean up all the wire mess, I've invested in stackable pi casings and one 5V power supply.
Power supply: http://www.anidees.com/usbcharger/6-port-smart-ic

The pi's are all working fine.
However, I have awful noise on all DAC+'s, even when no music is playing (amplifier is still powered on ofcourse).
When I connect all pi's with their own power supply, all is working fine.

So I know the DAC+'s are working fine but I'm not getting an answer at Anidées.
Do you guys have any ideas what the reason could be and how this could be solved?


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