1 Pi2, 2 Squeezelites to Separate Amps/DACs?

I'm trying to set up multi-room audio with a single RP2. I have read up on running multiple Squeezelite instances on a single Pi, so that's what I'm aiming for.

One set of speakers is on our outside deck, so I'll need a HFB Amp to power those. The second set is in the living room where I already have an amplifier, so all I need is a DAC there.

The overall goal can be expressed as "multiple rooms with minimal hardware."

My questions are these:

1. Can I use a single HFB Amp to run both Squeezelite instances? Can I configure one Squeezelite to use the AMP and the other to only use the DAC portion of the Amp?

2. If not #1, can I use both a HFB DAC and HFB Amp with a single Pi or do I have to get a USB DAC for the second stream?

3. Is there something I have missed that would make this all much easier? Or do I really need to use multiple Pis for what I want to do?

I'm relatively new to RPis, so any help would be appreciated.


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