Multiple DACs as different "zones"

Hi there,

I've been poking around a bunch of sites, also including Crazy Audio researching. I can't seem to find clear documentation on the matter of using multiple DAC+s with a single Raspberry Pi.

I have an RV that I would like to create 3 unique zones (main area, bedroom, outside) and my intention is to create a centralized system that receives audio and then can send it (Line Level) to any or all of three Stereo RCA outputs (this represents 3 "zones"). Each line level signal would feed its own car audio grade class D amp that would power the speakers for each zone. Zone 1 and 2 would have 4 channels and zone 3 has two channels.

I had one design where the DAC+ pushed out into a 6 channel connector/splitter block then 3 stereo pairs would flow to three PGA2311 or similar multi-channel IC (also connected to the raspberry pie)- those ICs would then feed the amps - however this seems too complicated and dicey for introducing more noise and signal loss.

So a much simpler plan seems to be if I can connect 3 DAC+ boards to a single Raspberry pie, then use software to select/deselect each DAC independently as and output and also control each DACs output volume I can also create 3 unique zones, each with its own mute / volume control.

Am I on the right track here? Can you use 3 DAC+s with a single raspberry pie. If so, can they all be sending signal simultaneously?

As a bonus, I am also wondering if a 3 DAC+ configuration would also allow me to send a different signal/source to each DAC from the same/single Raspberry Pi, therefor hypothetically allowing for each zone to be playing a different audio source -- this last part is pure bonus and not a necessary feature for me, just curious.


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