new noob in town :P

hello guys and gals

my name is mario and i just registered on this forum

i discovered the enchantments of raspberry pi a few days ago, and i'm hooked up with the possibility of assembling a really nice piece of hardware from bits and peaces. and also cheap :)

i've read a lot, and learned even more in the last few days. i had never heard about GPIO's before, and this is just an example LOL
i had my mind set on a media center/retrogaming console until yesterday... thats when i heard about hifiberry and it changed my mind...

now what i would like to do is this:

- raspberry pi 2 model b connected to my lcd TV
- hifiberry amp+ connected to some nice (cheap) speakers (havent really looked into it...)
- mainly to use wired over ethernet cable (100mbps connection)
- OSMC, Retropie and Volumio/Rune/Audio on multiboot sd card

my questions are:

- is a triple boot sd card overkill, probably reducing the life of the already short living microsd card even more?
- is it even possible to triple boot?
- Volumio or RuneAudio? Which is better suited for the Hifiberry Amp+. I'm mainly concerned about ease to setup and use and sound quality.
- is it better to make a Pi2 setup for gaming/multimedia and lets say a Pi B+ for HiFi?
- are the DAC capabilities of the hifiberry AMP+ the same as an hifiberry DAC+ and a separate amplifier?
- if i wanted to use fan cooling in my setup, how could i do it knowing that the AMP+ is using the Pi 2's GPIO pins?

sorry if not all questions are hifiberry related

cheers to all. cya around :)


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