Slight buzz and no audio - but only on one radio station!


I'm running PiCorePlayer (connected to Logitech Media Server) on a Pi2 with the Amp+.

All my local music plays fine (Flac) and most Radio stations also play fine (BBC, 181.FM as examples) but one radio station will not play - this is 105.9 SunnyFM (a CBS station).

All that is produced is a soft buzz which remains there even if the stream is stopped. Once a playable station or local music is started, the buzz stops and the music plays, but return to SunnyFM and there is no audio other than the soft buzz.

If I remove the Amp+ and set the Pi to output analogue audio from the 3.5mm jack, SunnyFM plays perfectly - it only fails when the AMP+ is connected and configured.

Has anyone got any ideas??

Mark (UK)


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