pi dead 2 days in a row

Hi Daniel

Been using my amp+ set up for a while now with no real issues (odd reboot needed but nothing much) but the other day i went to turn on some music and the pi was dead. .no sign of it in router,no ssh...nothing.

I reload the latest max2play Hifiberrry image and got it working again on no time (which was brilliant) however this am the same dead pi was there to great me.

Connected to lan to check it Wasn't the wifi but it's not booting at all. .the green light flashes once or twice on boot and then just the red.

It seems like the sd card is being corrupted but not sure why or how to diagnose.

Psu is a toshiba laptop 16v (or more..could be 19v)

Haven't tried pi without amp+ but will do that tonight but do you have any advice on diagnostic checks?


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