paypal payment (right) + Cash on delivery (wrong)??

Hi, i had purchase an Hifiberry DIGI+ and a Case for DIGI+ (all on shop of "www.hifiberry.com) with PayPal payment:
Hifiberry digi+ transformer version = 34,90 euro
HiFiBerry case+ for DAC+ (RCA) and Digi+ (black) = 14.90 euro
shipping = 9.00 euro, via Standard shipping (not insured, no tracking)
TOTAL: 58,80 euro

Today all is arrived, but the postman said me that i have to pay with cash on delivery 16,34 euro... and i've paid.
my question now is: "was that Cash on delivery right, or it was a postman error??"
he said me that he found the bulletin (for cash on delivery) attached to the pack.

Thanks guys :)

Cristian Sgualdi


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