noob questions

hi everybody, I plan on buying the hifiberry bundle, being that I stumbled upon your site looking for an economic hifi solution. but I am definitely not an expert and plus I'm quite embarassed for what I'm about to ask. will everything work if I attach the DAC+ bundle through RCA cables to my Adam F5 monitor speakers, using Volumio? the F5s are selfpowered monitors which have RCA and XLR outputs. will the audio quality be inferior if I use the RCA connections instead of XLRs? two last questions.. can I navigate Volumio on the Raspberry using only my smartphone (hence not using a monitor) and, will my external selfpowered verbatim hd work with volumio if I connect it via USB? I'm sorry for being a noob, I don't expect profound answers, just some indication.. thank you very much.


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