RP2 B Berryboot OpenElec Digi+

Hi Team!

I have received my new Digi+ card and have mounted it successfully onto my Raspberry Pi2 B board - if the shining of the green LED suggest that.
I am using a Berryboot software system and using OpenELEC 5.0.8 as my default media player. With my OpenELEC comes Kodi 14.2 and all is running in a headless installation.
I have modified the config.txt file - as it is suggested for OpenELEC5 - but I have no luck in recognizing the Digi+ board by my system, as it is not listed on the output audio device list. (Only analogue and HDMI is available, and the sound became noisy since the installation of the Digi board.)
I have searched your forum, but unfortunately did not find any entry for a configuration similar to mine. My last attempt was to modify my system as it was suggested for OpenELEC 4x-5.0, but had no luck.
I am completely puzzled as I do not find the logs on my configuration (do not know how to perform "vcdbg log msg".)
In Berryboot the config.txt file is located in the berryboot partition - and it is common for all of the bootable systems. Is this perhaps the problem? (I have no config file in the /flash directory.)
Can you help me and suggest ways to solve my problem?


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