Hifiberry DAC - no sound from RCA output

Hi Daniel,

I've got both the DAC+ as well as the Digi+. I've followed the instructions on the Volumio website and i've mounted the images on the SD cards, so now both Pi's have the same OS. My Digi+ outputs via Toslink to my external DAC and that works fine (thank you!) but i am having trouble getting output via my Hifiberry DAC+. I have the USB drive plugged in, FLAC files loaded up, playlist cued up and playing. However, there's no audio signal coming out of the RCA outputs (i've tried different RCA cables - all going into my headphone amplifier). I noticed that under Menu>Playback>Audio Output - i've only the option of "ALSA" whereas on my Digi+ there was something like "sndrpihifiberry" which worked. I'm sorry i don't know what either means but how do i configure it to work?

Thank you for your time.



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